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> CP730BMW Operating Manual



Further files and documents


The complete content of the demo USB stick that is shipped witht he player can be downloaded here: LINK






The latest firmware for the CP730BMW can be downloaded here:

How to install a new firmware

Save the file "update.bin" to any FAT32 formatted USB stick. Please make sure you havbe the USB stick unmounted/ejected at your computer's operatiing system. Now plug this stick into the CP730BMW. The device should start blinking on all LEDs very fast for abou 30 seconds. After the the blinking stops, unplug the CP730BMW for at least 5 seconds. Or if you don't like to unplug the device, just close all doors of your car, lock it for at least 15 minutes to be sure all devices are powered off. After unlocking the car again, the CP730 starts with the new firmware.


The current configuration file CP700.ini:
If all is working fine in your car, there is no need to change this file on your USB stick!





CP700/CP600 MP3 File Checker Tool


If not all MP3 files are correcty rekognised, you can check and corrent the content of the USB stick automatically with this tool.

Download CP Checker

 ATTENTION: Please be sure you always have abackup of your files on your computer or on another memory, like SD, USB external hardrive. Any medium can fail and unreliable power conditions in the car canm lead to corrupted file systems. We cannot be held reliable for any data loss!


BETA: Here are bleeding edge udpates for the CP730BMW. They may be unstable but you can always return to the latest official release. Bricking the device with an update is almost impossible, because the boot loader is not erasable inside the device.

 > CP730BMW Beta Firmware